Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 2010

Important Dates

In and Out, 9:30a - 11:30a, September 30.
General Meeting, 9:00a, October 5

From the President
Carol Stearns

We welcome new members. A.J. Stewart and Byron Weihrauch. He does very unique crafts with metal. Also another crafter Judy Alexander who makes dream catchers and beautiful painted masks. We are very pleased to have such talent join us.

DID YOU much quiet volunteer action takes place every week in our Gallery? Behind the scenes are a great number of members who work without any recognition for what they do. Your newsletter is put together by a group of dedicated members who spend many hours to organize and correlate each topic, type the newsletter, print out the newsletter and send it to you by mail, email or make sure your copy is at the Gallery for you to pick up. We have members who step in to take care of all kinds of needs. Docenting extra on the calendar, sitting past their time to leave because another member might be late, members who make the quilt for the Quilt Show each year or each Officer handling a situation that pertains to the Gallery. We have members who will wash windows, paint the lettering on the windows, order bubble wrap when needed, buy supplies for the Gallery and do all kinds of odd jobs for us. The Publicity Director who sends newspapers the necessary information advertising the artists and all our shows. If Marian Spencer needs a ride to and from the Gallery she can always count on a member willing to help. Members who live in Tombstone will come in at night to make sure there are no water problems during our rainy season. These volunteers quietly slip out of the Gallery without ever looking for any kind of reward. All this is done behind the scenes. It's what it means to be part of the "Gallery family" taking the responsibility for tasks and getting them done! We would not have the efficient Gallery we have today if it were not for these members. Take the initiative and become part of the "family" instead of just docenting your one day a month. You truly will be rewarded in many ways.

DID YOU KNOW....OUR CLOCK IN THE GALLERY MYSTERIOUSLY GOT TURNED AHEAD BY 10 MINUTES? If you were wondering why you arrived late it wasn't your fault and if you were going home and realized you were home earlier than usual it was at the hands of a member who didn't want to stay for the full duration of their scheduled time. The clock is off limits unless it stops altogether.

We voted last March at the General Meeting regarding checks. The vote was unanimous in not accepting checks.There are still a "few" members who feel we should accept personal checks. There is a OPINION-SURVEY sheet on the front desk for members to sign stating: DO YOU AGREE TAA SHOULD ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS FROM CUSTOMERS WITH THE UNDERSTANDING IF THE CHECK BOUNCES YOU WILL NOT GET PAID AND YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE $35 BANK FEE. This is not a vote. This is just to see how the majority of members feel. I will give the results next month.

From the Vice President
Marian Spencer
September brings us relief from the summer's heat, return of some of our absent members and promise of others soon to appear. Public Works Alex assures us that the repair of the craft room leak must be delayed until the monsoon season is over and another city roof that is more damaged is repaired, but he has not forgotten.

A positive, friendly attitude can yield wonders. Two visitors entered with ice cream and promised to be careful. We invited them to sit at the table where they would be cool and we visited with them. Then we sold them items. Another visitor asked to pay with a check. We told them that we were unable to use checks and why, told them about the bank and credit union in town and the ATM sites, they came back with cash. While Carol Stearns and Sylvia Rosenkrans manned the Gallery two ladies came in and asked "What's different in here from the other shops?" Sylvia answered with "Nothing made in China." They each purchased a large amount of crafts including three pocketbooks made by member Jerre Johnson and paid with cash after it was explained to them why we don't take checks.

Visitors keep coming to ask how they can become members. They are photographers and want to make money. Or they are quilters. If they live in Cochise County they may be put on the potential member list, but whether or not, they may enter the Quilt Show in February or the Open Judged Show in March. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN APPLYING FOR EITHER SHOW PLEASE HAVE THEM FILL OUT THE INDEX CARDS WHICH ARE IN THE FILE DRAWER UNDER EACH SHOW. ONCE THEY FILL OUT THE CARDS THEY WILL RECEIVE A SHOW FORM FROM US. If we have their name and address on the card we will send them a letter with the current form. None of them need to join and they may come from anywhere in the Continental US.

Our heroes for the month: Sue Olivo replaced the file folders with color coded ones. (Now we will have to remember what color.) Lee Latimore painted in the gaps in the window Gallery Sign. Jesse Davis is ready to bring us a new supply of bubble wrap. Of course the Gallery Directors have to watch the supply when they sell paintings in order to know when we will need it. Glen Sanner was tall enough to re-position the ceiling tiles in the craft room after a freak wind current dislocated them.

From the Gallery Directors
Pat Anderson & Sue Olivo

Thanks to all our Gallery Committee for all their hard work and especially to Martha Sprenkle for updating our Bio Book and file drawer. and Jan Huthoefer for replacing all the art labels. Since the Bio Book has been re-organized it is time for all of us to update our Bios and enter them in the book. Most buyers are interested in taking the artist's bio with the artwork that they have purchased. Let's try to have this project completed in the next couple of months. You will be getting an email reminder now and then. I know how easy it is to forget when we have so much on our minds.

Just a reminder, when you hang your own artwork, please do not let it drop below the peg board. It is a distractive and awkward. If you have any questions or comments, call Pat or Sue.
Sue Olivo will be the Featured Artist for October. We will be scheduling next years' Featured Artist, so start thinking about it. There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board next month or give us a call. The In/Out date for this month is September 30th. See you then!

From the Craft Directors
Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt

A big Thank You to Jean Manney and Grace Carini for their work in redoing the craft room displays and window. They have done a really nice job. And to Mary Jo Burns a big Thank You for checking our front table for any new crafts that have come in and setting on display as needed. Your help over the last few months has been greatly appreciated. Is it really September! Are we working on our Fall themed crafts? Keep them coming and remember to bring in your Halloween crafts. Even in the slow season crafts sell. Tourists love to have a little piece of local artwork to take home. Also, we will be putting up the Christmas Craft Show on the mezzanine on Saturday, November 6th. We will let you know when you can bring in your crafts for that show next month. So get creative and think Christmas.

Monday, September 6, 2010

August 2010

August , 2010

Important Dates
Art Out/In 9:30.-11:30 a.m. Aug. 30th

From the President
Carol Stearns
DID YOU KNOW....all identification labels on artists' pictures are to be the same throughout the Gallery. The labels the Gallery Directors have are the ones that state name, medium, artist and price. These new labels were voted on at the April 6th General Meeting. Therefore, they should be used throughout the Gallery. If you need labels call Sue Olivo.
DID YOU is important that we all understand the use of copyright. The intent of copyright is to assure the authors of creative works, whether it is a painting or a craft, an incentive to produce something that won't be stolen -- the right to the fruits of their labor.
WHAT IS COPYRIGHTED? The scope of the law is broad. It generally protects any expression recorded in any tangible form, published or unpublished, in any medium, with some exceptions noted below. The protection is automatic. A copyright notice is not necessary, but its presence is an emphatic assurance that the author intends the work to be fully protected. Unpublished works are copyrighted as well, regardless of the date of their creation.
USING COPYRIGHTED WORKS With specific exceptions only the copyright owner may do or authorize the following:
Reproduce the work in any form or medium
Prepare a work that is based on or derived from the original work in any form or medium.
Distribute copies of the work by sale, gift, rental, lease or lending.
Performing the work, live or by other medium.
Displaying a work, either directly or by telecommunications.
If you don't own the copyright, ask yourself:
Is the work in the public domain?
Do I have the owner's permission to use it?
Does a legal exception apply to my proposed use?
Does "fair use" apply here?
If you can't say "yes" to one of these but go ahead and use the material anyway, you are violating the copyright laws. You might say, "I'll take the risk, they'll never go after me," but doing so puts the Gallery and yourself at risk for a law suit. And given the legal climate these days, the risk is very significant and not worth it.
A SPECIAL NOTE TO ARTISTS AND CRAFTERS: Please do not feel you have the authority to rearrange crafts in the craft room. There is a committee that will do that. I am getting reports that members are rearranging crafts and the tables. If you sell one of your items you can replace it where it was originally displayed. If anyone feels that something has to be done in the craft room please call Gerrianne Bielefeldt, the Director or a member of the committee Mary Jo Burns, Karen Goodman, Sharon Olson or Jean Manney. One of these ladies will be able to help you.

Sharon Olson will be helping with the newsletter starting this month. She will be emailing all members the newsletter who have an email address. Please make sure that Sharon has your correct email address. Her email address is so if you have any questions you can email or call Sharon. If you have any problem in receiving your newsletter and attachments please let Sharon know. We need to cut down on the cost of postage. Marian Spencer still will mail the newsletter to those without a computer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS: By-Laws VI Member Duties #3 and #4 stipulate that when a member cannot docent they are to notify the VICE PRESIDENT MARIAN SPENCER in case of illness, change in dates and under all circumstances. Telling another member you are not going in to docent on your scheduled day is not allowed. Marian is in charge of the calendar and should be the first person you contact. Organizations have By-Laws in order to run properly. Please read your By-Laws and Standing Rules and abide by them.
From the Vice President
Marian Spencer

"April" has come!! The "April" we have needed for restoration of our night light, craft room power, regular phone and restroom! Only our craft room "April Shower" remains. We may need to wait for the end of monsoon season for repairs on the roof.

THANK YOU to those who dumped the pans of melted adobe and move vulnerable items from the leaky corner. THANK YOU to Jean Manney for updating the window display and cleaning the corner when the Craft Directors and committee have been plagued with illness. A word about "clean". We have extra help from a member to vacuum, clean kitchen and restroom once a week. We still need the helping hand at the end of your arm to pick up dead bugs and dust from the window display of the artists' work particularly. We have little Dust Buster and Kleenex for this job. Look in the window from outside, newly cleaned by Jesse Davis. How is our merchandising? Can you read the name cards for name and price?

We are looking for an artist that will paint the white lettering on our windows. The letters are faded and desperately need painting. If you are interesting in tackling this job, please call me. Our special heroes this month are: Jean Manney, Jesse Davis and also Mary Jo Burns who checked the flood in the craft room after a day of heavy showers.

From the Gallery Directors
Pat Anderson & Sue Olivo

The Gallery looks beautiful! Thanks to all who brought in new artwork and have replaced their labels with the new and improved labels. There are still some labels that need replacing. There is a new supply in the cupboard, so if you havenʼt done yours, take some time when you are docenting and finish the project. We would like to have them all looking the same by the 1st of September. We have made 250, so if
you would like to take a sheet of 5 home with you, you may. That will simplify your
time and ours.

Thanks to Jan Huthoefer and Martha Sprinkle members of our Gallery Committee for helping replace the labels for those who werenʼt able to come to the Gallery. We want to take this opportunity to thank Bob Kepple, Lee Latimore and Grace Carini for all their hard work on our In & Out day.

Septemberʼs featured artist is Gerrianne Beilefedlt. The In & Out date is Monday August 30th.
See you then!

From the Craft Directors
Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt

Start thinking of Fall colors crafts for our September display in our window. Reminder: Please check your price tags because some are so faded they are hard to read and if the docent can't read them then there won't be a sale.

Craft room looks exceptionally great and clean. Many thanks to all the helpers on the Committee. All craft members are to commended on keeping their docenting time current. Great Job!!!!!

From the Publicity Director, Jan Huthoefer
This information is for those of you who are new to the TAA and are wondering where to get plastic sleeves for cards and unframed work. Some of us long-time members order sleeves from a company called Clear Image, Inc. Impact images, or 1-800-233-2630. You can ask for their price sheet/catalog. Orders of each size come in bags of 100. We often combine orders and have members who cannot use all 100 of the bags and are willing to share some sleeves. I personally have lots of 8" x 10", 9" x 12", 11" x 14" and 12" x 16" of which I would gladly share at cost + 1 cent each for shipping. The card sizes usually cost between 4 and 6 cents each. The larger sizes for artwork run from 11 to 26 cents each. You may contact me at 803-9657 or email me at I'm having trouble receiving some messages, so you might also want to call me to be sure we're communicating.
Other good sources for frames and many other art products is Art Supply Warehouse, at 1-800-995-6778 or (they charge $6.95 for shipping & handling no matter how much or little you order and sometimes give a discount for $100+ orders), Dick Blick at 1-800-828-4548 or, Jerry's Artarama at 1-800-827-8478 or Members sometimes combine orders to these companies to take advantage of volume discounts, etc.
Locally Staples sells boxes of envelopes which accommodate cards made from 8 ½" x 11" cardstock cut in half and folded to make an 4 1/8" x 5 ½" card and of course, they sell cardstock in various colors. I've also found art-related goodies at Crafted Luxuries, Big Lots and the 99 cent stores.
Some of the art and craft supply places in Tucson are: Posner's at 1025 N. Park in the U of A area, Sarnoff's at 2504 N. Campbell Ave. (3 blocks north of Grant), Arizona Art Supply at 4343 N. Oracle, Paper Paper Paper at 3130 E. Ft. Lowell, and Michaels (one at 22nd and Kolb, one 4070 Oracle, 1 at 1161 W. Irvington and 1 at 3751 W. Ina) and Jo-Ann Fabrics at 7255 E. Broadway.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

June 2010

From the President
Carol Stearns
DID YOU KNOW... Our Vice President Marian Spencer, who is the ROCK of our Association, is taking a much needed vacation from June 12th through June19th. For all our fairly new members and those who have been with us for some time, Marian is the person who keeps the Gallery opened. She is our liaison with the City of Tombstone, she docents for members who are too sick to docent by giving them her time, she makes calls to cover members' absents (which according to our Bylaws members who call in who can't docent on their scheduled days are suppose to find their own replacements), she calls every day for a count of our bills, she docents all the vacancies left on the calendar for each month and she is the Chairperson for the Quilt Show. She does all this without ever complaining and she is 91 years young. It is time we start doing our share. Make sure you put your name down on the calendar each month. We are required to docent a full day each month but if at all possible please try to give an extra half day especially during the summer months when a lot of our winter members have gone back home. Docent a day and a half instead of just the one day you are obligated and help Marian out. Above all if for any reason you can't docent please try to get your own replacement and not assume Marian will do it for you. We are in the process of training new members but it takes time so please help out when you can. The week Marian is away June 12th through June 19th any questions, any absents, any problems call me or Alice Mooty. Alice will be calling the docents every day for the count of bills.
We have had members inquire about the loose change in the drawer. Just because we do not ask you when you docent to count the loose change in the cash drawer does not mean we do not know how much money is actually there. We do. I want to assure everyone we know exactly how much money is always in the drawer including the change and the Quilt ticket bag. We are operating as a business which protects the Gallery. We welcome three new members who all live in Tombstone. Nancy DuShane, A.J. Stewart and Byron Weihrauch. We are very pleased to have them join us.

From the Vice President
Marian Spencer

As you enter the Gallery, your thoughts go to the COOLERS. Both work, but be sure to turn the dial to "cool" and not to "vent". And be sure to turn off both coolers at closing. Off means "OFF".
LIGHTS/PHONE/POWER are to be restored right away. Until this happens we must still direct tourists to the door around the corner where the Visitor's Center is housed now.
While we are using the extension cord for the jewelry case DO NOT PULL THE CORD TO UNPLUG THE EXTENSION CORD!! PULL THE PLUG FROM THE OUTLET.
The SALE SHELF yields a helpful book/magazine/pattern for many and helps fill our donation box at a time when the white-hot weather keeps the tourists away.
MANY THANKS to those who have stepped in to fill emergency slots or have given docent time to those plagued by personal troubles. We look forward to having three new very local members to help us through the monsoon season. A special thank you to Lee Latimore who has been negotiating with our two scholarship recipients to help the Directors who were unable to help us with this project. We are glad to see Pat Anderson doing so well and Jan Huthoefer back in health after back surgery, and thank her for the exceptional publicity job she does for us. Kudos to Grace Carini who spent Memorial Day Monday keeping the Gallery open. Special thanks to Sharon Olson for making a Birthday cake with all the trimmings so we could celebrate Alice Mooty's Birthday at the General Meeting. Happy Birthday Alice!
Whether art or crafts, if the last item is being sold and no replacement can be found, please call the artist or crafter. Empty walls and vacant spots in the craft room will not keep us open.

From the Gallery Directors
Pat Anderson & Sue Olivo
Summer is here! We are ready with some changes in the Gallery. We have moved the
displays around and have added Jan Huthoefer, Sharon Olson and Martha Sprenkle to
our Gallery Committee. We are very happy to have more volunteers. If there is
something that you are willing to do for the Gallery, please let us know. We all have
different talents in organization, computers, and arrangement. Think about what you
might like to do. Some of the featured artists have not been giving Alice an 8x11 poster of their art and the dates of their shows. She displays them at the City's Bulletin Board on Allen Street as well as in the Gallery. This is important because of the space the City of Tombstone has reserved for us. We would
hate to lose it.
There will not be a featured artist in July. All members will be able to bring in an extra
piece of work to be displayed in the front of the Gallery where the featured artist has his/
her space. The In/Out date is June 28. See you then.

From the Craft Directors
Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt
Summer is upon us. Our window display reflects the current patriotic holidays of Memorial Day and 4th of July. Our craft sales, as always, are doing well so be sure to continue to bring in your items and put under the front table. This is checked regularly by the craft directors and craft committee.
It's not too early to start thinking about crafting fall items. In September our window display will begin to feature the colors of fall and Halloween.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 2010

Important Dates
Art Out/In, 9:30.-11:30 a.m., May
General Meeting, 9:00 a.m., June 8th

From the President
Carol Stearns

I can tell you right now it takes more than a "good heart" to operate a respectable and successful non-profit association. Members have to devote time, effort, energy and resources. Successful associations require more than one person to operate the association. At TAA we evaluate our efforts continuously. We must never allow ourselves to become complacent or to become hopelessly mired in business as usual. For this reason, I try very hard to bring to the members matters that will affect the Gallery to be approved and voted on. Motions are presented at the General Meeting which are approved or rejected by members who attend these meetings. Bylaws and Standing Rules are the operating rules of the Association. Our Association is a non-profit business, but it is still a business. We are not exempt from the need to develop sound practices that work for us. Not accepting credit cards and/or checks, contrary to what some people believe, is a sound practice for TAA. This motion was approved and voted on unanimously by twelve members who attended the General Meeting last March.

Our Treasurer Alice Mooty has just finished the tax Form 990 for the Federal Government. She has also completed an audit of all her records according to our Bylaws and in both cases her figures balanced out perfectly. I hope everyone in TAA realizes and appreciates all her competency and hard work. She can account for every cent in the cash drawer and knows exactly how much has come into the Gallery and exactly where all the disbursements went. Great work Alice and a job well done. Special thanks to Lu Proll who help me clean out our storage room (behind the curtain). It took us some doing but it is now clean and totally organized. Take a peek inside you won't recognize it. Thanks Lu.

Proposed By-Law Article II-Officers and Board of Officers #4 was voted on and approved: Commencing in 2010, the term of office shall be two (2) years and will be limited to two (2) consecutive terms or until (the Officer's) successor is elected, and must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present. An exception can be made to the limit of two (2) consecutive terms but must be made on individual offices, one term at a time, and must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present at the February meeting when the slate is presented. This Bylaw will replace the current one. The Bylaws should contain a provision (according to Robert's Rules which govern our Association) for removal of a member from office. The provision can state that removal can occur for cause and then the reasons to remove someone, or the removal can occur without cause. Removal from office should require a previous notice and 2/3 vote of members present. If the bylaws state until the successor is elected (which it now states) members can rescind the election providing previous notice is given. The way the old Bylaw was stated you, as a member, had no choice but to let the Officers continue their term of two years regardless of whatever they did. This new Bylaw protects TAA and members now have a voice.

Our Publicity Director Jan Huthoefer presented members with an outline of Facebook and how it could be incorporated with TAA and our artists. A lengthy discussion followed with many questions. A motion was made and approved to table the subject. Jan gave a great presentation and we thank her.

From the Vice President
Marian Spencer

Now that May has arrived the coolers, newly serviced, will be very welcome. Our electric power, however, is again delayed from "Friday" to "April" to "May"??? The Craft Directors have been doing an excellent job of arranging our creations in the expanded space allowed y the roof repair, but we are still waiting for the ceiling tiles to be replaced.

We welcome two new members: Peggy Atkinson and Marc Ellis, who are both planning to be trained this month. For them and a refresher for veteran members - PLEASE READ!!!!

Read the sign that says NO CHECKS. If someone offers to pay this way, CALL ALICE.
ATM machines are close. On business days the Bank of America can help.
RECEIPTS, The purpose of the receipt book is to get the NAME AND ADDRESS of the purchaser so the artist can send a thank-you. Writing "2 watercolors and an oil" tell the artist very little.
The PEN TO CHECK BILLS is in the cash drawer. Use it on all bills.
DOCENT PROBLEMS call me, Marian Spencer.
NIGHT LIGHT. Use center cluster with the fan. Leave light on and fan off.
PHONE Land phone is local. If number on sheet by phone is preceded by 520 it is long distance.
CRAFT DIRECTORS. Any questions call Gerrianne Bielefeldt or Mary Jo Burns only.
GALLERY DIRECTORS. Call Sue Olivo or Pat Anderson. All phone numbers can be found in your newsletter.
READ DIRECTIONS FOR OPENING AND CLOSING the Gallery. CALL before you abandon the Gallery. If you must leave early or get there late, PLEASE CALL ME.
On May 2nd, Erna Ullrich was faced with a no-show after 1:00 p.m. We thank her sincerely for staying for the rest of the day and cover the afternoon.

We have two applications for Scholarships: Andrea Devere plans to attend the University of Arizona for a degree in Neonatal Nursing. Alyssa Evans also plans to attend the University of Arizona, working on studio art and graphic design and creative writing. Congratulations to both students.

From the Gallery Directors
Pat Anderson & Sue Olivo

April was a great month! We sold 58 paintings. Keep up the good work!!
The individual space per artist seems to be well accepted with all of us as well as the public.
As we get more new members, the space may be more limited. Since we each have a designated
space, when a painting is sold the docent may arrange the space so it is pleasing to
look at.
PLEASE remember to call when a painting or photograph is sold. This is the only way
we know to bring in another piece of art. Call no matter what the size; small, medium,
large or unframed, CALL!
The In/Out date is May the 28th. See you then!

From the Craft Directors
Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt

We continue to have great success selling our crafts as our room is beginning to look a little bare. Let's all try to get motivated and make lots of items. Even though we are coming into our slow months it is still to our advantage to keep our room filled with wonderfully handcrafted things. Keep up the good work.

April 2010

From the President
Carol Stearns

We welcome a new member Celeste Collier to TAA. Celeste is a very talented artist that paints in various mediums. She will be a great asset to the Gallery and we are pleased she has joined our family.

Dedication: To set apart by a solemn act: devote or set apart to some work or duty: I want to acknowledge and thank the many members who are dedicated to the Gallery: The members who attend the General Meeting the first Tuesday of every month. The members who docent extra time to keep the Gallery opened. To Dick Roark who came in on Saturday, the third, to sit for a friend who could not make her docent time. He didn't have to cover for her. They could have called Marian and have her scurry around looking for someone to cover the time. These members are truly dedicated in showing an interest in what takes place with the Association. To all of them, the Board says THANK YOU.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It has been brought to our attention through Pat Anderson's husband Dave ( who works for the Police Department) that counterfeit bills are showing up in Sierra Vista and surrounding towns. Perpetrators are passing counterfeit $1.00, $5.00 and larger bills. As a precaution, we have a black Counterfeit Detector Pen that will be in the cash drawer at all times. USE IT ON ALL BILLS AND KEEP PEN IN CASH DRAWER. It is simple to use. Take a bill regardless of denomination and make a small mark on bill. If the mark turns yellow it is a good bill. If the mark turns black it is counterfeit. Any questions please call Alice.

The new By-Law regarding the Memorial Wall was approved: Please write down on your By-Law sheet the added high-lighted sentence under VII - Gallery Operations #1 Memorials: A prominent area in the TAA Gallery will be established for pictures and memorial plaques honoring the deceased member or TAA friend. It will be displayed in a manner for visitors to read at eye level and not be intermingled with other pictures or paintings not pertaining to the memorial wall. I am in the process of writing small obituaries for each deceased artist on the memorial wall. This is a way of paying tribute to our deceased friends and letting visitors know who they were.

SCOPE OF NOTICE for By-Law Article II- Officers and Board of Officers #4. Commencing in 2001, the term of office shall be two (2) years and will be limited to two (2) consecutive terms. An exception can be made to the limit of two (2) consecutive terms but must be made on individual offices, one term at a time, and must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present at the February meeting when the slate is presented.

Proposed By-Law to be Voted on May 4th at General Meeting: Commencing in 2010, the term of office shall be two (2) years and will be limited to two (2) consecutive terms or until (the Officer's) successor is elected, and must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present. An exception can be made to the limit of two (2) consecutive terms but must be made on individual offices, one term at a time, and must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present at the February meeting when the slate is presented.

Our Publicist Jan Huthoefer will be going to a seminar this Friday regarding putting TAA on Face Book. For those of you who do not have a computer this is a web site on the Internet which could be of great value in advertising TAA and the members' work. As she learns more details she will inform us.

From the Vice President
Marian Spencer

First of all, a big THANK YOU to those of you who are helping see us through this crisis - the crisis of restoring the Visitor's Center to whatever. The reason we lost our source of power and heat was that there was never any scheme established. The electrical lines in the Gallery are mixed with those of the rest of the building. The grant to restore the Visitor's Center was only to repair that part of the building and we had very little communication concerning our needs. The power outage was supposed to be ended by April. We have to be patient. In the meantime we try to use the overkill extension cord for the jewelry case, and the battery-powered light donated by our President in the restroom. The Visitor Center's power source was tangled with ours and we wait as patiently as possible for "April."

Now the Good Things: A coating of tar on the roof solved the problem of running water in the craft room, at least temporarily, and we can use the space we have. The city electrician, Paul Hamm is ready to repair our electrical service. Docents should turn on lights when needed. The furnace works IF IT IS TURNED ON. The side door should be used only for emergencies. Everyone using it - or not using it - should check to have it locked. Slam it. The city may have been using it or someone used it and neglected to lock it afterward.

Remember, Docents, when you are in charge of a show or you are a Featured Artist, you are expected to sit extra times. If you cannot sit, CALL as soon as you know. CALL MARIAN, CALL THE GALLERY, CALL ALICE! If you need to leave early for any reason, CALL! If we expect to remain in business, we must have the place open. It is scary to call and get no response. I may not be in a good position to walk to the Galley just then to see what happened.

As someone who has sat a lot for the last three years, I find that our large purchases come from other countries with CASH. If they intend to shop they go from one gallery to another, find what they want, and are ready to take it with them. Many have removed the painting from the frame so they could pack it for other lands. As long as they have purchased the painting and THEY REMOVE IT and THEY OWN IT the only help they should be given is the space and a possible tool.

SALE SHELF. Our little sale shelf is back and available for sale of useful items kept in neat array: We needed some old art magazines to refer to when a visitor asked, "What is scratch art?" We are often asked for quilt patterns available from old magazines or books. Price items with the dots available in the quilt bag drawer. Docent removes tag, places pay in box and the fund is a donation to TAA. Do not write sale in cash book.

From the Gallery Directors
Pat Anderson & Sue Olivo

Our Open Judged Show was a great success! Thanks to all of you who volunteered to help with the necessities: music, refreshments, entries and hanging. It was much appreciated! The 6' artist has been initiated. You might have noticed that not all artists have a 6' space. This is due to the amount of art submitted. The artists were assigned their space at a random drawing witnessed by other artists on the In/Out day. We will rotate art every month, but we may instead decide to do it every two months. As with everything we've done, this is on a trial basis. Also, as we have more artists join TAA, the space may be adjusted. Even though you have your own space, it is still necessary to talk with a Gallery Director before a change is made. You may still replace an item that is sold. The mini-minis have their own space. Many tourists buy the smaller paintings, so it is better to have them all together. We also have new labels for your artwork. You may exchange the ones you now have with the new ones when you come into exchange your work or you may do it while you are docenting. The labels will be in the cabinet that goes up to the Craft Room. Thanks to Carol Stearns for arranging the Memorial Wall. It looks great! As a reminder, PLEASE call the artist when you have sold a painting, no matter what the size. Also, some artists would like to have the name and address of the purchaser so a thank you note may be sent. There is a receipt book at the register to use. If there is anyone interested in being a Featured Artists this year, you may call Pat Anderson or Sue Olivo to inquire about availability. The In/Out date for April is the 30th. See you then!

From the Craft Directors
Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt

Our craft area is enjoying great success. Sales are up and that is great for the gallery. Thank you all for making these terrific items.

We will continue our display window with the spring theme until the end of April. All Easter items will be put in your box or be put in the kitchen if your box is full. We will then display our Red, White, and Blue for our patriotic holidays of Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, and finally Labor Day. As you craft for these days, remember that other items not related to these days need to be brought in as well. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that our 'leak' has been repaired. We have moved some things around to accommodate this 'fix' which has given us more space for displaying our crafts. With this extra space we can certainly use more items!!

Please remember to check the kitchen for any items that were put there for a number of reasons...some may be missing a tag, item could be damaged, or item could be dirty or faded. We also have a few items that have been in the gallery for quite a long time...some of these items will be removed from display and put in the kitchen. If an item belongs to you, please take it home and then replace it with a newer and fresher model.

Please remember that items left under the window for display are for the craft directors or craft committee to disperse, whether it is to display or to be put in the crafters personal box. If for any reason it is necessary for an item or items to be removed from under the table...please notify one of us... we will need to know the reason why, and then we will decide where the item(s) should go.

Thank you all for the great job you are doing creating these wonderful crafts. We are proud to have you in the gallery.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 2010

President, Carol Stearns
Vice President, Marian Spencer
Secretary, Jean Manney
Treasurer, Alice Mooty
Gallery Directors, Sue Olivo and Pat Anderson
Gallery Committee, Grace Carini, Bob Kepple, Lee Latimore
Craft Directors, Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt
Craft Committee, Mary Jo Burns, Karen Goodman
Publicity Director, Jan Huthoefer,
Web Page Editor, Jessie Davis,
Editor, Karen Goodman,

Important Dates
Open Show Out, March 29th
General Meeting, April 6th, 9:00am

From the President
Carol Stearns

This past month we had another check given to us that did not clear with the bank. We lost the amount of the check, plus we had to pay the money to the member which we did not receive and finally we had to pay the bank $20 for the "bad check." Our Treasurer went to the Marshall's office and was told that most businesses in Tombstone will not accept personal checks. The Board is trying to remain flexible with respect to important long-term decisions that must be made for this Association. We had twelve members at our General Meeting this month. The date for the General Meeting is always posted in the newsletter ahead of time so you will always know when it will take place. What takes place at these meetings will always be posted in the minutes (copy at the front desk) and any motions will be put in this newsletter.

The following motions were made:
1. A motion made and approved unanimously regarding the Quilt Show: We will accept a personal check for anything over $100 with a $20 cash deposit. Large items require $50 cash deposit. Once check clears your item will be shipped to you with balance of deposit after shipping cost. This procedure was used during the Quilt Show and it worked perfectly.

2. A motion was made and approved unanimously regarding credit card use at the Gallery: The motion was for the Gallery not to accept credit cards. This motion had a long discussion by all members present and the vote was unanimous and it is very clear members do not want credit card usage.

3. A motion was made and approved unanimously to continue the policy of not accepting personal checks from customers. The sign at the front desk will remain with ATM locations.

4. A motion was made and approved unanimously to give Marian Spencer $200 for her work on the quilt "South Western Desert" that is on displayed for our annual Quilt Show raffle.

5. Motion was made and approved unanimously that we offer Tombstone High School two $500 scholarships. Lee Latimore will present this to the school.

6. A motion was made and approved unanimously that we give Tombstone High School $500 for the Renaissance Program which rewards the academic success of students based on their GPA.

7. A motion was made and approved unanimously not to accept saw blades at anytime and sculptures be permitted only during the Open Show.

8. A motion was made and approved unanimously to continue displaying the sale stand that was used during the Quilt Show starting in April. This netted $240 for the donation box during the Quilt Show. Artists and crafters may donate items. Put a tag on item with price only.

Scope of Notice for By Law: VII Gallery Operations: 1. Memorials: A prominent area in the TAA Gallery will be established for pictures and memorial plaques honoring the deceased member or TAA friend.

Proposed By-Law to be voted on April 6th General Meeting: : A prominent area in the TAA Gallery will be established for pictures and memorial plaques honoring the deceased member or TAA friend. It will be displayed in a manner for visitors to read at eye level and not be intermingled with other pictures or paintings not pertaining to the memorial wall.

From the Vice President
Marian Spencer
Thank you, THANK YOU to all Tombstone Art Association members who made the 28th Annual Quilt a success: Those who sat overtime to make the extra sales possible, those who arranged, re-arranged, cleaned, demonstrated, encouraged visitors, promoted the present Open Judged Show, offered to find answers to questions rather than saying, :I don't know a thing about......"

Award ribbons were kept in place from the final count on February 19th to February 24th, when winners were awarded their prizes:

People's Choice - Mickey Wilson's hand appliqué, hand quilted birds and floral
First Place - "Harvest Spice" in fall colors by Sue Ann Vannoy.
Second Place - is a map of Cochise County, on loan from the Douglas Museum, where it is on permanent display.
Best Hand Quilting went to Marilyn Lawson for her precise quilting on her black and white Pinwheel Star.

On February 24th, 11:00 a.m. Mayor Escapule drew the winning ticket on the raffle quilt. Connie Wilcox and the quilt was received on the 25th by her daughter. While the general economy discouraged sales of large items, the colorful display brought tourists in to buy and the result is very encouraging. The sale items shelf netted a noticeable return and many visitors left with items they could use.

A special thank-you to members and friends of TAA for lending a hand and a needle to create small quilts to supply Pearl of Venus Chapter #6 of Tombstone and Bisbee with help for their children's unit in the Hospital there. As secretary of that organization I managed to deliver twenty to them in February. Thank you from all of us.

From the Gallery Directors
Pat Anderson & Sue Olivo

We are really proud of all the excellent art that was submitted to the Open Show.
It is awesome! We had 97 entries. I think the judges, Pat Mulligan for photography and Liz Horning for fine art, really enjoyed the experience and particularly talking with the artists and critiquing their works. Besides the official judges, we were honored with the Tombstone mayor, Dusty Escapule who gave the Mayors award and the Tombstone Vigilettes who had fun going around the Gallery and placing their ribbons on their choices. Choosing the recipients of the awards was not an easy task. All judges took a lot of time to make their decisions.

We especially want to thank our Gallery committee, Bob Kepple and Bev Hilton, who worked so hard to get the Gallery ready for the Show. Our special thanks go to Bev Hilton and Sylvia Rosenkrans who coordinated the refreshments. The table was beautiful and heaping with all the goodies. Also, we thank Glenn Chance for providing the excellent background music for us. It set the mood. Thanks All!

We had eight responses for Featured Artists. The following is the list of artists and respective months:

April: Bob Kepple
May: Jane Ballard
June: Pat McAloon
July: all members
August: Angel Rutherford
September: Gerianne Bielefeldt
October: Sue Olivo
November: Beverlee Hilton
December: Jan Huthoefer

For April we will be assigning a six foot space to each artist. This will be a random drawing of placement. The spaces will rotate every month so everyone gets an equal chance. You will be able to put whatever size you want in your space and it will include the minis. Mini-minis will still have their own wall space. All of this is on a trial basis, so please be patient with us and thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The In-and-Out date is March 29th. Remember six linear feet to hang your art. See you then!

From the Craft Directors
Lu Proll and Gerrianne Bielefeldt

February Quilt show was a wonderful display of beautiful and colorful masterpieces! And was a very successful month for our crafters. Our inventory of items dwindled considerably during the month so it is time to restock your crafts. Gerrianne will be in on March 6th to docent if you can get some items under the front table she will get them displayed. St Patrick's day, Easter and Spring is soon upon us! If you have any items for these holidays and spring season please bring them in. The window display has been changed for the upcoming St. Patrick holiday, and the 1st day of spring is the 20th! So let's get crafting!

From the Publicity Director
Jan Huthoefer


The Tombstone Association of the Arts Open Judged Show opened with the following awards given by Liz Horning of Sierra Vista for the art portion of the competition and Patrick Mulligan of Tucson. Ms. Horning has a very extensive background in art as a professional, a teacher and an exhibitor. Mr. Mulligan judged the photography portion of the show. He has years of experience in the Tucson Photography Club as an exhibitor and judge. The judges awarded the following prizes:

First, Martha Sprenkle’s "Grandpa’s Blow Torch"
Second: Linda Netherton’s "Still Standing"
Third: Mary Jo Burns’ "South Pass"
Honorable Mentions: "Joan Yadusky’s "Mexican Market Day" and Sylvia Rosenkrans’ "Aspen in the Huachucas"

First: Lee Latimore’s "Chiricahua"
Second: Susan Forrest’s "A Day Without Dad"
Third: Celest Collier’s "Gargoyle"
Honorable Mention: Sharon Olson’s "Ray"

First: Elizabeth Line’s "The Dressing Room"
Second: Jan Huthoefer‘s "Bisbee Street Scene I"
Third: Sharon Guest‘s "Garden Gate""
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Line’s "Potted Tulips"

Mixed Media:
First: Jan Huthoefer’s’ "Junkyard Pile Up"
Second: Pat McAloon’s "Indian Vase"
Third: Michael Kern’s "American Granite"
Honorable Mention: Barbara Sisneros’ "The Secret Place"

First: Rebecka Pomponio’s "Still Standing"
Second: Rebecka Pomponio’s "Just a Little Downtime"
Third: Jack Miller’s: "Murphy Ranch"
Honorable Mention: Sue Olivo’s "Sonoran Spring"

First, Mrs. Harold Love Award and Best of Show: Glen Sanner‘s "Gotcha Covered"
Second: Gerrianne Bielefeld’s "Wagon Wheel"
Third: Randy Forrest’s Reflection - Green Kingfisher Pond"
Honorable Mentions: Glen Sanner‘s "Mallard Pair", Pat Anderson’s "Homage to Pen and Ink", Gerrianne Bielefeld’s "Formations, Randy Forrest’s "Thirsty Goldfinch"

Tombstone Mayor’s Award: Dick Harig’s "Branded"

If you were unable to attend the reception, you may still see the show, which will run from February 27 to March 29, 2010. The Tombstone Association of the Arts is located at 317 Allen Street. Hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily with free admission. Call (520)457-2380 for further information.

Visit the Gallery to see the work of your neighbors and friends, as well as additional miniature paintings, jewelry and crafts. Hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily with free admission. Call (520)457-2380 for additional information.